Launch Responsible Sensing Lab

On 28 January 2021, we officially the launched of the Responsible Sensing Lab and openend the exhibit ‘Senses of Amsterdam’ at The Studio of NEMO Science Museum. Here you'll find a wrap-up and link to event recording.

Launching Responsible Sensing Lab

On this day, Data Protection Day, Amsterdam announced that it wants to introduce a reporting requirement for sensors in the city. The mayor and city council members declared that it wants to keep track of devices that collect data in Amsterdam’s public space, such as cameras and sensors, in a sensor register. Besides reporting and registering, the City of Amsterdam finds it important to develop and make responsible alternatives available for ‘smart’ technologies and sensors in the city. These alternatives are researched and tested within the Responsible Sensing Lab.

To celebrate the launch, we organized an interactive livestream. In several online workshops we also talked about what responsible sensing means, and discussed what should be done to design a better, more democratic, and more responsible digital future city.

Event program

Prior to the plenary interactive livestream we hosted several online workshops in which we talked about what responsible sensing means, and discuss what should be done to design a better, more democratic, and more responsible digital future city.

During the event, our keynote speaker Anthony Townsend discussed the current state of Smart Cities through a livestream from the US. Followed by a talkshow and several panel discussions. Deputy Mayor Touria Meliani closed the program with the official (virtual) opening of the exhibit.

Find the highlights of the event here in the recoding:

Official launch of the Responsible Sensing Lab, Event Recording, 28 January 2021

00:04 - 00:26

Dr. Anthony M. Townsends keynote ‘From Parasite to Symbiant: Redesigning Our Relationship With Urban Sensors’.

00:27 – 00:50

The Responsible Sensing Lab and its projects, for example the Camera Shutter and the mmwave sensor.

00:51 – 01:15

Panel discussion on The Influence of the coronavirus on surveillance in Amsterdam.

01:16 – 01:25

Interview with Deputy Mayer Touria Meliani (Digital City) about responsible sensing in a smart city like Amsterdam & official opening of the exhibit 'Senses of Amsterdam' at The Studio of NEMO.