The Responsible Sensing Lab is an initiative by AMS Institute (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) and the City of Amsterdam.
Ams Institute

One of AMS Institute’s programs is the Responsible Urban Digitization program. This program researches, develops and integrates smart technologies to help solve urban challenges. The Responsible Sensing Lab can be seen as the testbed for this program: the Lab facilitates the conducting of rigorous, transparent, and replicable research on how smart technologies placed in public space can be designed in a way that makes the digital city ‘responsible’.

Gemeente Amsterdam

At the City of Amsterdam, the Responsible Sensing Lab is embedded in the Digital City Program as part of the CTO Innovation Department. In order to enhance safety, sustainability and livability the use of smart technologies by the City increases. The Responsible Sensing Lab researches how social values such as privacy, inclusion, and autonomy can be integrated in the design of smart technology.


  • Click here to see what image recognition in the city looks like.
  • For an overview of smart devices in Amsterdam, installed by both the City and other parties, such as air quality sensors, smart street lights, counting camera’s and more, watch the Register of smart devices.
  • More information on data strategy and data policy by the City of Amsterdam can be found here.
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Partner organizations

We love to collaborate with our partner organizations below. Are you interested in adding your organization to this list? Feel free to contact us!


We are proud to be working together with these partners:

Douwe Schmidt

Independent data ethics researcher and practitioner and project lead at TADA

Beryl Dreijer

Privacy Officer, CTO Office, City of Amsterdam

Kars Alfrink

Researcher, Designer and PhD candidate Industrial Design, TU Delft

Prof. dr. Gerd Kortuem

Professor of Internet of Things, TU Delft

Tom van Arman

Smart City Strategist & Future City Maker, Tapp

Marcel Schouwenaar

Designer and Creative director, The Incredible Machine

Prof. dr. Elisa Giaccardi

Professor and Chair of Interaction Design, TU Delft

Roy Bendor

Assistant professor of Critical Design at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft

Ir. Iskander Smit

Visiting researcher and lab co-director at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft

Remy van Rooijen

Technical product developer, BeepBeep

Sigrid Winkel

Program manager Digitale Stad, CTO Office, City of Amsterdam

Stephan van Dijk

Director of Innovation, AMS Institute

Ger Baron

Chief Technology Officer, City of Amsterdam

Ynse Deinema

Project Coordinator Roboat, AMS Institute

Markus Pfundstein

Director & Principal Engineer, Life Electronic

Aik van Eemeren

Lead PublicTech, CTO Office, City of Amsterdam

Paul Manwaring

Co-founder CITIXL and initiator of the Responsible Sensing Toolkit

Daan Groenink

Innovation officer, CTO Office City of Amsterdam

Michiel Buchel

CEO, NEMO Science Museum

Tessa Steenkamp

Experience designer

Pim Stevens

project lead Amsterdam Drone Lab

Carlo Schoonebeek

Senior policy advisor environment, City of Amsterdam

Hidde Kamst

G4 informatiemanagement trainee, CTO Office, City of Amsterdam

Ibo van de Poel

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor in Ethics and Technology at TU Delft

Marijn Janssen

Full professor ICT and Governance at the Technology, Policy and Management Faculty at TU Delft

Harm van Beek

Designer and creative director, The Incredible Machine

Zeki Erkin

Cyber security and privacy consultant and trainer at ZEC Security & Privacy and Associate Professor at TU Delft

Dirk van Brederode

Manager Public Values