Responsible Sensing Lab at DDW 2021

Responsible Sensing Lab is participating in the Dutch Design Week program Up Close & Personal from 16-24 October.
© Sjoerd Eickmans

Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is the largest design event in Northern Europe and presents work and concepts from more than 2,600 designers to more than 355,000 visitors from home and abroad.

Up Close & Personal
PRINT.FRY.EAT — © Margarita Kuzina
© PRINT.FRY.EAT — © Margarita Kuzin
Dutch Design Week

About Up Close & Personal

The program Up Close & Personal zooms in on design research by the Dutch four technical universities (including our partner TU Delft) on five contemporary themes: what role can design play in tackling these themes?

Within this program, prototypes of our projects Shuttercam and Shutterring will be exhibited in the Klokgebouw expo and in the e-magazine. Also, one of our initiators Coen Bergman will participate in the Up Close & Personal talkshow 'Connected interactions' at the Effenaar on the 19th of October from 15:00 - 16:00.

Join us

The talkshow is free of charge after registering, or you can watch the live-stream. To visit the Klokgebouw expo, you will need a DDW ticket.

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Coen Bergman

Initiator Responsible Sensing Lab and Innovation Developer Public Tech, CTO Office, City of Amsterdam

TU Delft

Up Close & Personal