Democratizing oversight

Should we move towards a more collective approach in supervising algorithms in city systems? Thijs Turèl and Sjoerd Verhagen wrote an article on how citizens could play an important role in making society’s algorithms more transparent and democratic.

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Data transparency in public space

On Wednesday and Thursday October 6 and 7 the Responsible Sensing Lab and the NWO funded research group BRIDE (BRIdging Data in the built Environment) will co-host a conference in order to explore how data collecting capabilities and uses are made available (and understandable) to the general public.

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Launch Responsible Sensing Lab

On 28 January 2021, we officially the launched of the Responsible Sensing Lab and openend the exhibit ‘Senses of Amsterdam’ at The Studio of NEMO Science Museum. Here you'll find a wrap-up and link to event recording.

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