Smart city systems can help solve urban challenges. But when collecting data, what public values are involved? The Responsible Sensing Lab explores how to integrate social values in the design of sensing systems in public space.

In January 2021 the Responsible Sensing Lab was officially launched during an interactive livestream event. In essence the Lab is a testbed for conducting rigorous, transparent, and replicable research on how our smart technologies placed in public space can be designed in a way that makes the smart city ‘responsible’.

Our projects

Responsible Drones

Within the Responsible Drones project we explore how cities could utilize drones in a responsible way.

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Roboat is a new kind of on-demand infrastructure: autonomous platforms will combine together to form floating bridges and stages, collect waste, deliver goods, and transport people, all while collecting data about the city. How can we re-imagine urban infrastructures with cutting-edge technologies? And which ethical questions should be considered?

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The Shuttercam project originated based on the notion that people do not know if and when cameras in public space are recording or not.

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Alternative imaginaries for the smart city

From public values to urban sensors. An art- and design-led inquiry into urban imaginaries and urban technologies.

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Our latest updates

Join our Responsible Drones session

Together with Amsterdam Smart City we are exploring the use of drones in the city: how could this technology be utilized in a responsible manner?

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Responsible Sensing Lab was present at DDW 2021

Responsible Sensing Lab was present at the Dutch Design Week on October 19th within the Up Close & Personal program. Cofounder Coen took part in the talkshow and prototypes of our projects Shuttercam and Shutterring have been exhibited in the Klokgebouw expo.

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Launch Responsible Sensing Lab

On 28 January 2021, we officially the launched of the Responsible Sensing Lab and openend the exhibit ‘Senses of Amsterdam’ at The Studio of NEMO Science Museum. Here you'll find a wrap-up and link to event recording.

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