Smart city systems can help solve urban challenges. But when collecting data, what public values are involved? The Responsible Sensing Lab explores how to integrate social values in the design of sensing systems in public space.

In January 2021 the Responsible Sensing Lab was officially launched during an interactive livestream event. In essence the Lab is a testbed for conducting rigorous, transparent, and replicable research on how our smart technologies placed in public space can be designed in a way that makes the smart city ‘responsible’.

Our projects


The Shutterring project aims to make smart doorbells more responsible by ensuring the privacy of bypassers and owners while keeping the main functionality of the device intact.

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Responsible Drones

Within the Responsible Drones project we explore how cities could utilize drones in a responsible way.

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Citizen communication and participation regarding sensors

Smart city systems are on the rise. Together with national partners we are working towards a standard communication approach to enhance awareness on the use of sensors and, with that, the involvement of citizens.

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Pilot Shuttercams around ArenA

Our Shuttercam project is entering a new phase! To monitor crowdedness in public space near the Johan Cruijff football stadium while respecting social values like privacy, two Shuttercams have been installed.

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Our latest updates

Relaunch mmWave project on the Marineterrein

As of today a relaunch of our mmWave project is carried out on the Marineterrein in order to develop a privacy-friendly alternative for monitoring crowd movements.

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Anniversary event Responsible Sensing Lab

We look back on a festive and inspiring event and hope it has been an inspiration for both to those who joined us in Amsterdam and online!

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Kick-off landelijk project communicatie sensoren

Op 20 oktober 2022 vierden we de officiële start van een gezamenlijk project over effectieve en inclusieve communicatie over sensoren.

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Pilot Shuttercam in omgeving ArenA

We zijn een nieuwe pilot met twee Shuttercams gestart in de omgeving van Johan Cruijff ArenA.

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